We are an NGO dedicated to education in emergencies.

Everywhere Schools (EWS) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote that all children and teenagers living in emergency situations and humanitarian crises have access to quality education. In these contexts, the response of the NGO is increasing and thanks to its work, the most urgent and basic needs are covered. However, only 2% of humanitarian aid funds go to education in emergencies.

We believe that all children have the right to learn, play, discover, have fun and grow in the best possible conditions. For this reason, we put all our enthusiasm and effort into ensuring that education reaches those places that are experiencing an emergency or crisis situation.

We are one of the first independent international projects which specializes exclusively in offering high-quality educational services for children in an emergency context or humanitarian crises: epidemics, disasters, armed conflicts, forced displacement (refugees or internally displaced people), extreme poverty or extreme geographic or social marginalization.

We want to help them have the opportunity to learn in the safest possible environment and avoid child trafficking, child labor exploitation, and situations of marginalization and drug addiction. If necessary, we also seek that they have access to a healthy and balanced diet and basic health services.


We are a young organization that has a committed team with extensive professional experience. We invite you to meet the EveryWhere Schools team, as well as our projects to better understand who we are and how we work..

Data speaks for itself. 104 million children do not go to school due to humanitarian crises. Half of the 69 million refugees are children. Only 2% of humanitarian aid goes to education. There are many faces behind these figures, children whose right to education is violated. If you also think that #EducationIsAnEmergency, you are EveryWhere Schools!


Our values and principles

We are impartial, neutral and independent

We work independently and apart from political, religious or economic interests. We do not take sides in conflict situations. We collaborate with all the actors involved. Our focus is focused solely on the right to education, without entering into positions of another nature. We do not discriminate access to our services for any reason.

We cooperate with local communities

Our work is carried out hand in hand with the local communities and the actors who work there. Through them, we identify the needs and priorities, from which we design and develop educational programs adapted to their contexts, always integrating local teachers.

We are transparent

Our commitment is to offer regular information about our work and the results achieved. In addition, each year we publish our activities report, which includes economic data, information on financing channels and the distribution of expenses.

We work for sustainability

Our projects are adapted to the contexts in which we intervene in order to preserve and respect the environment, as well as the local economy. We seek to limit the environmental impact of our projects as much as possible.

We work for equality

Our pedagogical principles promote inclusion and equality, regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender, identity or sexual condition, etc. We believe that diversity makes this world a better place.

Here you can download the reports of recent years (only in Spanish). You will find information about our actions, as well as financial data. In addition, we encourage you to access the results report of our first project carried out at the Shakinah school in Kenya. We take this opportunity to thank to all the people and organizations that have helped us during these years and that continue to accompany us. You are part of EveryWhere Schools!

– 2021 Report –

– 2020 Report –

– 2019 Report –

– 2018 Report –

– Report: Shakinah School Project (Kenya) –


Here you can access the articles of our organization.


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A team committed to a better world

The EveryWhere Schools (EWS) team is made up of volunteers convinced that a better world is possible and that education is essential to achieve it. People with different perspectives and backgrounds in the educational, social, health and humanitarian fields, who share the same vision on how to work in education in emergency situations.

Through our lives and experiences, we have verified that education is considered a second grade necessity in many countries and we want to change that reality. We believe that education will allow children to build a future based on dignity, respect and equality.

We here by would like to invite you to meet the coordination team, although we also have a fantastic volunteer team made up of people who punctually help us move forward. Many thanks to Albert, Claudia, Elena, Jessica, Jordi, Laura, María and Olga.

Do you want to be part of the volunteer team?

Write to us at info@everywhereschools.org