Published on 19 Dec, 2019

Christmas is a time of year celebrated in many parts of the world. These are days of family celebrations, company dinners, meetings with loved ones and gifts of all kinds. Almost all of us go to stores and shopping malls in search of that detail that will bring a smile to the other person’s face.

In this search for the perfect detail we want to encourage you to turn to charity stores and NGOs. Because what better gift than solidarity? NGOs work 365 days a year to make this world a better and fairer place. Actions such as making a donation in the name of another person or giving an item from an NGO not only allow us to continue our work, but it is also an alternative to the traditional consumerism of this time of year.

This is the rationale behind initiatives such as Giving Tuesday, an international campaign that EveryWhere School has joined this year in response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, initiatives that promote consumption before Christmas. Committed to responsible consumption and the participation of civil society in solidarity causes, we want to encourage you to get involved and promote solidarity. Giving Tuesday was celebrated on Tuesday, December 3, but the campaign runs through December 31.

Would you like to participate and become a member of EveryWhere Schools? Because education is the right of every child in the world, we count on you!

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Our main purpose is to promote access to education for all children and adolescents living in emergency and humanitarian crises.

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Do you believe that ensuring access to education should be a priority in emergency contexts? If so, we encourage you to do your bit.

Every contribution adds up and will help to promote the sustainability of our projects in the field.

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