Published on 8 Feb, 2023

Nearly 30% of migrants and asylum seekers in Central America and Mexico are children. Half of them (15%) are unaccompanied minors, traveling without an adult.

EveryWhere Schools’ educational project is called “Escuela Sin Fronteras” (School Without Borders), located in Tapachula, Mexico, near the border with Guatemala. We run this school within the “Hospitality and Solidarity” shelter that welcomes asylum-seeking families.

Our school is attended by children between the ages of 4 and 18 from Central American countries such as Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. In most cases, they have been away from their country for weeks or months and therefore have not had access to any kind of education or schooling. The situation of these children is very unstable and vulnerable, as they suffer constant changes of location and residence. Access to formal and non-formal education is insufficient and must be improved to ensure opportunities for success.

More than 200 children are educated at our school each year. We provide educational programming with a globalized and interdisciplinary approach to subjects such as science, Spanish, art and, as a basis for everything, emotional education. The children in our shelter face many difficulties. Our program offers them stability and a space for learning, in short, a place for children to feel like children.

We need your help to continue managing “Escuela Sin Fronteras”. We hope to continue to manage and expand the school in a sustainable manner to ensure the stability of the project.


With a donation of only 20 euros, you cover the schooling of one of the children.

in “Escuela sin Fronteras”. Please consider the possibility to support

this project and raise awareness of this situation.

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