104 million children are out of school due to humanitarian crises.

Only 2% of humanitarian aid goes to education.

If you also believe that education is an emergency:

EveryWhere Schools

NGO education in emergency situations

Our main purpose is to promote access to education for all children and adolescents living in emergency and humanitarian crises.
In crisis contexts it is common to think that education is not a priority. However, education is fundamental to improving the health, safety and well-being of children and families, improving their present and providing opportunities for the future.
We are a young organization with a clear vocation for working together with local communities in the design and development of educational programs, which are implemented by local teachers, and are characterized by being culturally and contextually sensitive, as well as permanence and sustainability.

Our current project

The EWS team is involved in the design of an educational project on the southern border of Mexico. Thousands of families are leaving their countries to reach the U.S., finding it necessary to cross Mexico to reach their destination. Among all the people in transit there are more than 10,000 children unaccompanied by an adult. This mass transit situation causes many of them to remain for weeks or months in the same place.

During this time, most of them do not have access to any kind of education. At EveryWhere Schools we want to provide pedagogical spaces where they can learn and have fun, thus avoiding situations of marginalization and violence. Through different didactic activities, art, sports and emotional and psychosocial education, we want them to simply be children during the time they participate in our projects at such a difficult time in their lives.

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Become a member

Thanks to you we will be able to work to provide education where it is most needed. We invest more than 80% of the funds raised in educational projects in the field and use the remaining 20% to create an emergency fund – which will allow us to act quickly in case of an emergency – and to cover the organization’s operating expenses.

You choose the amount and frequency of the installment. It all adds up! If you believe in education as an engine of change and want to contribute to a young and committed organization, become a member and be part of this beautiful project.


We defend the right to education

It is a human right and a priority Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. However, only 2% of international cooperation funds are allocated to education.

We have a community vision

Our approach to work is community-based. We integrate citizen agents and movements to respond to their needs and strengthen development, sustainability and local autonomy.

Millions of children do not receive an education

If we do not take action, the forecast is not positive. It is expected that 60 million school-age children will not have access to education by 2030.

We have an interdisciplinary team

We are volunteers committed to the cause and with extensive professional experience in the educational, cooperation, social and health fields.

Fostering resilience in children

They live in extremely complex situations, so it is essential to work on their ability to face adversity, adapt and recover from traumatic experiences.

Your contribution will be well spent

Eighty percent of the funds raised are directed to field projects. The remaining 20% is used to increase the emergency fund (for cases requiring a rapid response) and the organization’s operating expenses.

General questions

How can I help?
You can become a member by choosing the fee you want or make a one-time donation. If you want to share your time, we encourage you to join our volunteer team. Other ways to collaborate are to organize events in your area or follow us on social networks and spread the word about our work. It all adds up!
Can I organize events at my location?

Yes, we encourage you to hold solidarity awareness and/or funding events in your locality. Please contact us for further information and support: info@everywhereschools.org

What kind of volunteering can I do?
There are many possibilities. Participate in research and documentation, communication, financing, translation or project management support. Our organization does not send volunteers to the field.
What is EWS currently working on?
We are working with organizations in Mexico to develop a project to provide educational spaces and promote access to educational resources for migrant children who are currently in transit through southern Mexico on their way to the U.S. We are also carrying out various social and educational advocacy initiatives aimed at raising awareness about education and creating spaces for dialogue and reflection among all stakeholders involved. In addition, we are carrying out various social and educational advocacy initiatives aimed at raising awareness about education and creating spaces for dialogue and reflection among all stakeholders involved.
Where can I find EWS's reports and financial data?
They are available on our website. Access the ABOUT US section and you will find the reports, the results of the project in Kenya and the statutes of our organization.

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