Project Mission Protocol

  • Initial Evaluation: Upon recommendation from a partner NGO, at least one expert from Everywhere Schools is sent to the field to evaluate the situation, draft a project and establish connections with local partners (both teachers and/or staff) who will form the core team and coordinate the project in the site. (2 weeks)
  • Planning: A logistical and financial plan for the project is developed by the staff of Everywhere Schools (located in Europe) while the field team continues to recruit and meet other members of the staff. The field team will also evaluate educational needs by making a list of students (by age group and including adults).  (4 weeks)
  • Field Mission: Three team members from Everyhere Schools (experts in Education, Administration and Logistics) go to the field to formalize, and validate the infrastructure needed; check the capabilities of the local team to establish an organizational chart;  carry out vocational trainings and certifications of the coordinators of every department (Education/Administration/Logistics); validate learning programs, time tables, specific objectives, and success indicators.
  • Guidance: Three experts from Everywhere Schools will provide support for the vocational formation of the staff and coordinators of every department (Education/Administration/Logistics). They will assist in the evaluation of protocols, their corrections and improvement, as well as the validation of the general agenda and specific objectives. (3 weeks).