Everywhere Scools is working to see a world where every single person can have access to quality education. In humanitarian crisis situations, when every elemental social structure has been lost, we offer guidance through a raw emergency school model implementation entirely built upon local reality and context, in order to give the Village the opportunity to gather and reborn around this basic social structure.

       Our very first priority is to garantee to any displaced person access to basic education for the youngest, and vocational formation for the adults, both articulated with psychosocial empowerment.

     We work coherently with every single social and cultural group, including local human ressources and initiatives in the process, providing support and professional upgrading for teachers and staff in order to elaborate contextualized educational programs and agendas. We offer guidance, moral  and logistical support in order to allow the Village to regain balance and peace in their day to day life.

        Free of any political or religious tutoring, Everywhere Schools neutrality allows it to reach any displaced population in any country, and to collaborate with every willing Humanitarian ONGs, complementing emergency programs focused on health, nutrition and security with a specific approach considering the universal essential need for an education structure upon which the Village (elemental social structure) can be fully reborn.

       In order to fuel and secure this independant and neutral spirit, Everywhere Schools is planning to run exclusively on private funding before 2022.