Our Vision and Mission

      Everywhere Schools is working for a world in which every person has access to quality education. Schools provide a backbone to communities, not only because they provide education, but also because they function as sites of community building and pride. During humanitarian crises, the most elemental social structures –among them, schools– are often lost or their work is severely disrupted: in these situations, we offer guidance for the implementation of a raw emergency school model, that both learns and builds on local realities and context, in order to give the vulnerable community the opportunity to unite and rebuild around this basic social structure.

       Our priority is to guarantee access to education to all displaced persons: basic education for the youngest and vocational formation for adults, both articulated around psychosocial empowerment.

Our aim is to work together with all social and cultural groups, including local human resources and initiatives in the process. Our aim is to support teachers and staff, as well as provide mechanisms and resources for professional training and improvement. Projects that involve local populations are much more successful in the elaboration of educational programs and agendas that are attuned to their specific contexts. We offer guidance, as well as moral and logistical support, in order to help the community or village regain a sense of stability and peace in their everyday life.  

Because Everywhere Schools seeks to be able to assist any displaced population in any country, we have no political or religious affiliations. We do, however, seek to collaborate with humanitarian NGOs who might have programs focused on health, nutrition, and security, but who would benefit from a specific approach that takes into consideration the universal need for an educational structure around which the community can be reconstructed.

       In order to fuel and secure this independent and neutral spirit, Everywhere Schools will run exclusively on private funding until 2022.